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Lake Erie Catfish Challenge 

- Lake Erie Catfish Challenge Youth Tournament -

The Lake Erie Catfish Challenge Youth Tournament is a points race style event. The tournament started on April 1st and ends on September 30th. Each youth is permitted one catfish per day to weigh in. Our weigh in location is at the Old Fish House in Huron, OH. Below are the standings.

  1. Danny Hadam -106.78 lbs
  2. Dylan Smith - 90 lbs
  3. Joey Hadam - 42.50 lbs
  4. Cadence Misterka - 42.15 lbs
  5. Olivia Misterka - 40.86 lbs
  6. Dane Baker - 38.4 lbs
  7. Tommy Fallin - 5.1lbs
  8. Brexton Clark - 3.6lbs